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The records from May, 1849, to May, 1854, are missing and all we know about those years is contained in the annual reports to the Grand Lodge. These reports show only the officers and the changes in membership. In these five years 48 candidates were raised, 16 were received on demits and 34 demits were granted.

The next available minutes show that at a meeting held June 24, 1854, a resolution was passed which the Grand Master considered as an insult to him in his official capacity. He ordered the lodge to rescind the resolution and upon their refusal to do so he arrested the charter of the lodge. After some six months twelve brethren sent the following petition to the Grand Master: "The undersigned, late members of Liberty Lodge No. 31, would most respectfully state that they are desirous of promoting the cause of Masonry and to this end they ask that the Grand Master will allow us to take the charter of the late Liberty Lodge No. 3l and continue our duties as Masons in a constitutional manner. We also ask the Grand Master to give us the jewels and other effects of said late lodge. If our petition should be granted we promise on our part to meet all demands against the late lodge and to perform all duties enjoined by the Constitution of the Grand Lodge and in all things to adhere to the ancient rules and regulations of the Order. November 4, 1854.

Signed: A. Lightburne, A. J. Calhoun, S. R. Shrader, J. T. V. Thompson, S. B. Simmons, Ellison Higby, Mallory Cave, Thos. Sublett, Daniel Patton, w. w. Dougherty, Jno. E{wards, Jno. w. Drew." The Grand Master, L. S. Cornwell, granted the petition and instructed Bro. H. E. Vanosdell, D.D.G.M., to deliver the charter and install the officers This was done December 4th and later a resolution was adopted repudiating the offending resolution and striking it from the record. Thus ended the unwise rebellion of 1854.

During the remainder of this decade there was little of interest to record. In 1858 a lodge library was started by the purchase for $25.00 of four volumes of Robt Morris Masonic Library. Since then some additions have been made to those volumes but the lodge library has never been a conspicuous success.

In 1859 an effort was made to enforce attendance at lodge meetings and a number of brethren were cited for non-attendance, but all of them were able to give satisfactory excuses.

In this year the lodge bought the north half of block 19 in the New Cemetery for $40.00, but so far have made no use of this lot.

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