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This decade covers the time of the Civil War and the reconstruction days following it. Missouri being a border state feeling ran high and often friend was arrayed against friend, but one would never know from the records of the lodge that anything unusual was taking place. However the storm may have raged outside, all within the lodge room was peaceful and quiet.

In l86l the Masonic College had passed out of existence and the lodge made a demand on the Grand Lodge for the return of $600 00 the lodge had paid for two scholarships which had not been used. This claim was in dispute for eight years but was settled in 1869 by the Grand Lodge paying $359.00

During the four years of the war the lodge room was the only place in Liberty where men from both sides could meet peaceably and in a brotherly spirit. The members of the lodge were almost to the Building Committee was instructed to buy for $475.00 the lot at the northeast corner of Main and Franklin Streets with a view to building on it. Then on December 18, the following resolution was adopted: whereas the present lodge room is entirely unsafe, Be it resolved that we will procure the room over the drugstore of Bro. Wm. A. Hall on the terms offered by Bro' Hall to wit: the use of the room with the privilege of the lodge making all necessary alterations, for as long as Bro. Hall has control of the property. The rent to be $200.00 per year"

The alterations were made and the lodge moved to the new quarters. Bro. Hall's drugstore was on the west side of the square where Bro. J. C.Simmons' drugstore is now located. This was the home of the lodge until 1870.

 During this decade the Commandery was organized, the date of its charter being May 21, 1866. Little reference is found in the minutes of the lodge, but we do note in the final report of the building committee dated August 6, 1870, that the Commandery donated $100.00 on the new hall.

This chapter of the lodge's history closes with the celebration of the opening of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Bridge over the Missouri river at Kansas City. The lodge took part in this celebration on invitation of Heroine Lodge No. 104 of Kansas City, Missouri.

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