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These were years of expanding business and easy money all over the land, and Patience, though a Masonic Virtue, is sometimes conspicuously absent among Masons. So we are not greatly surprised to find the building question coming up again. This proposal was to buy for $10,000.00 the ground and ground floor of the building where we are now. On February 3, 1921, the lodge room was crowded with members each one anxious to express his opinion on this matter. For hours the battle raged but finally the motion to buy was lost. Nineteen years later the Building Association bought this same property for $5,500.00.

October 24, 1921, the by-laws were changed to make the annual dues $5.00 instead of $3.00 and the fees for the degrees were made $50.00 instead of $30.00. The lodge was sharing in the prosperity of the booming 1920s.

December 27, 1921, a resolution was adopted creating Life Memberships and a fund the(sic) sustain the same, and by-laws were enacted to carry out this provision.

On July 4, 1922, the cornerstone of the Second Baptist Church Building, Franklin and Leonard Streets, was laid by Grand Master O. A. Lucas, and a year later on September 23, Grand Master Bert S. Lee laid the cornerstone of the Sandusky Public School Building at Mill and Gallatin Streets.

On September 25, 1922, the lodge agreed to pay $50.00 per year for three years to the George Washington Memorial Association in Washington" D. C., and on October 23, 1922, a vote of thanks was extended to the committee that prepared and managed the Masonic float in the Clay County Centennial parade.

Great is the spirit of progress and it is amazing what changes a little prosperity will bring to a man or an organization. The meeting of October 27, 1924, is worthy of special notice in any history of the lodge, for on that date it was voted to buy a Heatrola Heating Unit for the lodge room replacing the venerable stove that had graced or disgraced the hall since a time beyond the reach of the oldest memory in the lodge.

November 12, 1924, was the time set for the trial of Bro. E. D. Moore for un-masonic conduct. The record gives no specifications but notes that because of the illness of the defendant the trial was postponed to November 28. There is no further mention of this case until January 12, 1925, when the minutes state the jury in the case was polled and the verdict was guilty and the penalty fixed at expulsion. Many of the brethren will remember this case as involving moral delinquency in association with young boys.

March 28,1927, at the request of Bunceton Lodge No. 456, the lodge conferred the 3rd Degree on Bro. Kenneth Oglesbay. This brother, some ten years later, gained considerable publicity when he refused to leave his post as a missionary in Ethiopia when that country was overrun by the Italian Army.

In 1927 the lodge bought 50 Bibles and started the practice of giving a Bible to each candidate at the time of his Raising.

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