Liberty Lodge Committees


Mark Zimmer, PM *Audit 
Rusty Morgan, SW Audit 
Stanley Boose, SD Audit 
John Cochran, PM *Blood Drive 
Bruce Needhammer, WM *Budget 
Bob Graham Budget 
Ron Elliott, PM Budget 
Rusty Morgan, SW Budget 
Will Grogan, PM Budget 
John Cochran, PM *Building Board Reps 
Glenn Liechti Building Board Reps 
Jerry White, JW Building Board Reps 
John Rupp Building Board Reps 
Will Grogan, PM Building Board Reps 
John Cochran, PM *Building, Furniture, and Paraphernalia 
George Morgan, PM Building, Furniture, and Paraphernalia 
Mark Zimmer, PM Building, Furniture, and Paraphernalia 
Ron Barret, PM Building, Furniture, and Paraphernalia 
Will Grogan, PM Building, Furniture, and Paraphernalia 
Bruce Needhammer, WM *ByLaws 
Rusty Morgan ByLaws 
Will Grogan, PM ByLaws 
Bruce Needhammer, WM *Charity & Relief 
Jerry White, JW Charity & Relief 
Rusty Morgan, SW Charity & Relief 
Rusty Morgan, SW *Childrens Christmas Party 
All Line Officers Childrens Christmas Party 
Bruce Needhammer, WM Childrens Christmas Party 
John Preslar, Chaplain Childrens Christmas Party 
Ron Elliott, PM *Delinquent Dues 
Ed Marrow, PM Delinquent Dues 
Will Grogan, PM Delinquent Dues 
John Cochran, PM *Fall Festival 
All Line Officers Fall Festival 
Bruce Needhammer, WM Fall Festival 
Ray Adkins, PM *Grievance 
Ed Marrow, PM Grievance 
Mark Zimmer, PM Grievance 
Ron Barret, PM Grievance 
Ron Zimmer, PM Grievance 
John Cochran, PM *Investigation 
Bob Graham Investigation 
Jerry White, JW Investigation 
Stanley Bosse, SD Investigation 
Will Grogan, PM Investigation 
Stanley Boose, SD Lodge Librarian 
John Cochran, PM *Masonic Home Representative 
Ron Zimmer, PM *MoChip 
All Line Officers MoChip 
Bruce Needhammer, WM MoChip 
John Cochran, PM MoChip 
Jerry White, JW *Refreshment 
George Morgan, PM *Ritual, History, Education & Mentorship 
All Line Officers Ritual, History, Education & Mentorship 
John Cochran, PM Ritual, History, Education & Mentorship 
John Preslar, Chaplain Ritual, History, Education & Mentorship 
Ron Zimmer, PM Ritual, History, Education & Mentorship 
Stanley Boose, SD *Scholarship 
Jerry White, JW Scholarship 
Mark Zimmer, PM Scholarship 
Bruce Needhammer, WM *Social Media/Publicist /Webmaster 
Bruce Needhammer, WM *Table Lodge 
All Line Officers Table Lodge 
Bob Graham Table Lodge 
John Cochran, PM Table Lodge 
Mark Zimmer, PM Table Lodge 
Ron Zimmer, PM Table Lodge 
Rusty Morgan, SW Table Lodge 
Mark Zimmer, PM *Veterans Dinner 
All Line Officers Veterans Dinner 
Rusty Morgan, SW Veterans Dinner 
John Cochran, PM *Ways and Means 
Bob Graham Ways and Means 
Bruce Needhammer, WM Ways and Means 
Rusty Morgan, SW Ways and Means 
Charlie Mitchell, PM *Widows Flowers & Cards 
All Line Officers Widows Flowers & Cards 
John Preslar, Chaplain Widows Flowers & Cards 
Rosty Morgan, SW Widows Flowers & Cards 
Chad Howerton, PM *Wild Game Dinner 
All Line Officers Wild Game Dinner 
Dan Sheppis Wild Game Dinner 
Rusty Morgan, SW Wild Game Dinner 
Shaun Robinson, PM Wild Game Dinner 
George Morgan, PM *WM Advisory Board 
John Cochran, PM WM Advisory Board 
Ron Zimmer, PM WM Advisory Board 
Past Years