Time traces its progress on all material things, the world changes, empires and kingdoms flourish and decay, stately palaces and gorgeous temples which marked the habitations of earthly grandeur, or enclosed the altars whence arose the oraisons (prayers) of the faithful, have crumbled into dust. That golden age encompassed the world with joy, yet the age of darkness spread over it like a funeral pall. Amid all these circumstances and changes Masonry remained intact.

Our fraternity is diminishing, Liberty Lodge currently has FIVE empty chairs in the line. Participation in Lodge activities takes time, and we all know that life imposes many demands on our time. Employers are requiring more hours from many who would rather be sitting in lodge or at a ball game. I stepped out of line several years ago due to other obligations, but in time returned to the Fraternity I’ve come to love and enjoy. Perhaps there are others who, like me, had to step back while other necessities occupied their minds and took their time. Perhaps the time has come to return to the Lodge and participate.

Liberty Lodge has not had to “recycle” it’s masters for many years, however, due to declining participation we may now be in that position. Consider your attachment to the fraternity and determine if it’s time to re-engage.

Bruce Needhammer, WM

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