My Brother,

The Square and Compass
B. Bro. Odillon B. Slane
(From The Builder, Anamosa, Iowa, June 1917)
Both points beneath the square;
Darkness, doubts, dungeons of despair;
Yet trusting in God who answers prayer,
Follow your guide – nor fear nor care,
Light will come with effulgent glare.

One point above the square,
As yet but partially there
Is light; for more light prepare;
As you ascend the winding stair.

Both points above the square –
Friendship and Morality share
With Brotherly Love, tenets taught where
Masons kneel and vow, and swear.

As my current season in the East is coming to an end and, as is our tradition, we select someone to undertake the leadership role in our Lodge. Let us, brethren all, renew our labors, let us recommence our journey to better our minds yours and mine working together to learn the lessons of our degrees, to remind each other of the oaths we have taken. There is much we might discern from the lessons taught in symbol and allegory, but we must journey together to search for the light. Our travels may take up to many a place and should we, perchance, happen upon a like-minded Brother with whom we may discourse on the lesson from the Grand Architect of the Universe, let us open our minds and hearts that we may take the lessons to our hearts that we may be better men.


Bruce Needhammer, WM

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